Farm Boy is Coming to Town!

Anytime a new condo development breaks ground in the east end, rumours begin to swirl among neighbours and in Facebook groups about who the anchor tenant may be.

The most popular rumour (after a fancy new LCBO) has to be Whole Foods. Over the last few years we’ve heard rumours of a Whole Foods going into at least 10 new condos from Parliament to Pape, Lakeshore to Leaside, but not a single one has materialized.

Well, we’re not here to drop any bombshells about a Whole Foods, but we did want to talk about a new neighbourhood grocery store not getting anywhere near the hype it deserves.

Farm Boy!

It might not have the cache of Whole Foods, but this Ottawa based foodie chain has been operating for 36 years, and is just starting to expand into the GTA. They’ve had a store in Etobicoke for just about a year, and will be opening a Leslie and Lakeshore location January 31st.

“The heart and soul of our business since 1981 continues to be our focus on offering fresh, wholesome foods and friendly service,” says Jeff York, Farm Boy Co-CEO. “We are excited to be opening our newest location in the Leslie and Lakeshore community and we promise to work hard to earn their business.”

Farm Boy Co-CEO Jeff York

The massive 20,000 square foot standalone store will employ 130 people and offer a wide range of local and organic produce, meats and dairy.

It will also contain a full restaurant quality prepared food experience featuring:

  • 36-foot wholesome and healthy fresh salad and hot bar.
  • Fresh sushi and flatbread pizza.
  • Oven roasts cut to order.
  • Comfort classic entrees ready to heat and enjoy.
  • Over 15 varieties of fresh soups, all made from scratch and served hot or available cold.

You can get a first glimpse at their grand opening celebration Saturday February 2nd, starting at 10am. More details here! 

That’s it for today! Now get out there and enjoy the snow.

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