Looking for an apartment may be easy but securing the place is a different story.

By the time you wade through the pile of rental scams and zeroed in on a place, you find out it’s taken!

Our quick and easy system will help get your rental application to the top of the pile and our handy search will make sure you see an apartment the moment it’s listed. Contact us to get added to our custom property match system.

Why do Tenants Prefer To Work With Us?

We have a leasing expert on staff.

Most realtors hate leasing! We’re on the ball 100% of the time with 100% of the available properties. That’s the benefit of a dedicated leasing agent.

We won't show you properties you can't afford.

It’s a tough market, if we don’t find the right property the first time we go out looking, we’re doing something wrong. It’s very competitive out there and our efficient system won’t waste any of your time.

We know the Residential Tenancies Act inside and out.

Meaning, we know what’s legal and what’s not so you’re protected from shady landlords.

Our services are FREE!

The landlord pays us to protect you. Perfect, isn’t it?



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