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About Leslieville Toronto

Leslieville Toronto

What we LOVE about Leslieville: Leslieville is the most connected community in Toronto. I mean literally. Leslieville has Toronto’s most active Facebook communities via two groups: 1. I Am A Leslievillian and 2. Leslieville Community Of Neighbours and Friends.  if you’re at all interested in this area, join those two groups. Neighbours helping neighbours.

Part of the booming East Toronto neighbourhoods, Leslieville has officially landed as the “it” place to live East of the DVP taking over from the previous hotspot: The Beaches. Why is Leslieville such an awesome place to live? For one thing, it’s less expensive than most West End Communities and it’s quiet here (for now anyway).

Leslieville proper doesn’t have much of a nightlife but we are the “brunch capitol of Toronto!”. You’ll usually find the streets pretty quiet after 10 pm while our friends to the West in Riverside are partying hard!


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Know Your Neighbours

Leslieville Toronto

The young people are coming, the young people are coming! We are seeing the quietness of Toronto's Leslieville evolve as most folks flock to the Dundas and Carlaw intersection to party at Leslieville's greatest patio (called Dundas and Carlaw). Dundas and Carlaw is really becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Leslieville culture scene. We wrote all about what's happening there in a recent blog post.

The change is mainly due to the increased number of young people moving into Toronto, especially Leslieville community taking advantage of more affordable properties in the new condos along our Condo Alley along Carlaw ave b/w Queen and Dundas. Millennials want a place to have fun at night and Dundas and Carlaw filled that void. As new condos are developed along Queen Street, we'll see new businesses in Toronto pop up to support the changing demographic. We do predict Leslieville will develop a more robust evening scene in the coming years in Toronto.

You see, young folks are usually drawn to the West side of Toronto (or Riverside). They meet, date, marry, have kids, and move to The East. Well, that's how it used to be.

Leslieville Toronto Developments

Leslieville Toronto

Leslieville has had and continues to have some of the most strict development restrictions in all of Toronto. First of all, there's nowhere to build and where you can build, you are limited to only 6 stories along Queen Street (12 along Dundas) so affordability has always been an issue in Toronto. So you can see why only monied older folks could afford to live in Leslieville. Over the past 4 years, we've seen a boom in local development, and more affordable units brought on a slew of younger folks drastically changing the demographic of Leslieville.

As of 2016, every single piece of buildable land is in the hands of a developer. We are about to see a huge POP in an affordable single unit building along Queen Street, Eastern Ave, Dundas Street East and Gerrard St. Much to the dismay of local NIMBY's this development in Toronto is going to happen and it is good for the City. One cannot complain about housing affordability being an issue and then stand against development. The one thing that can tackle the affordability concern.

You Know You Want To Live Here.

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