Would you believe it if we told you that investing in Toronto may not be the right thing for you?

The market is tough out there and when an investor competes with an end-user, the investor usually loses.

Margins are tight in Toronto but there are opportunities. Most of these opportunities are off market. That’s where we shine. We’ve brought off market deals to investors that have turned around and made buckets of money.

We want you to be one of those investors. How?


We leverage our relationships.

We’re heavily involved in Toronto’s Real Estate, Urban Planning and Development communities. Our volunteer work on the Urban Land Institute puts us at the table with the biggest players in the Toronto Real Estate game and we bring those relationships to you to help secure off market land deals, land assemblies and off market investment property deals.

NONE of the best investment opportunities make it to the MLS. 

30% of our investor clients enjoyed greater returns this past year with off MLS deals.

We understand tenants.

Selling an investment property can be a very difficult process if the tenants aren’t on board. Long story short: We get the tenants on board and put money in your pocket faster.

We have staff that specialize in leasing.

Meaning, we LOVE leases. Once we secure your rental property (if even if you have one already) we’ll help you get the BEST tenant in there one could hope for.



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