Five Ways to Secure a Lease

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Five ways to secure a lease.

Everyone is trying to find a place to rent before we get a dump of the white stuff because let’s face it, moving in the winter sucks. Naturally, anything good/great that’s priced well is only staying on the MLS for an average of 4 to 10 days. So here is a short list of things you can do to beat out the competition and secure your lease:

  1. Get your employment letter – every landlord needs to see this. Request the letter from your boss before you even start looking at places. It’s a huge time saver.
  2. Pull your credit report and score – go to You pay for your report and you can download it to your computer as a PDF. Again, every landlord will ask for this. (If you’re score isn’t good, consider finding a guarantor – they will need a employment letter and credit score too)
  3. Only look at places within your budget – if your max budget is $1,700, don’t look at places for $1,750 and try to offer lower. Especially if the unit is new on the market. Because someone will pay the $1,750 and you’ll be disappointed.
  4. Act fast – if you like something you see, don’t wait! Don’t think about it for a couple of days and then decide to put the offer in. Cause chances are, someone else as already submit an offer.
  5. Frequently check your email – It’s likely that I’m filling your inbox with updated lists of what’s available on MLS OR sending you the paperwork for the offer you wanted to submit. Either way, if you miss my email, you’re missing your chance to beat the competition.

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