Getting Involved and Giving Back

Listen, it feels weird boasting about how much money we’ve given to local schools and the Red Door Family Shelter. Fact is, we’ve given a lot. A lot of time, work and money. We don’t do this because we feel like we have to, we do this because it feels right and it feels good. We’ve donated over $45,000 in cash since 2011 and will continue to up the ante year after year as the community allows.

We’re also heavily involved in the Leslieville Business Improvement area as board members spending time contributing to their digital footprint and community engagement. It’s a lot of volunteer work but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Between our time on the fundraising committee for the Red Door Family Shelter and as board member of the BIA our Broker Ara has spent a ton of time working with the small businesses of the East Side doing whatever he can to help them be successful. Usually that involves buying their stuffall of the time!

I know you won’t hire us because of what we’ve done here but it makes us feel good to do it.