Why should you hire us to help you buy in this market?

Two words: Local Intelligence.

Two more words: Radical Transparency.
Ok ok two more words: User Friendly.

What does that mean to you?


We don't work where we don't know.

Our team has oodles of experience in urban communities in and around the downtown core. You won’t find us chasing paycheques all over the GTA just to make a buck. We care about your next home too much to do you that disservice. If you’re looking outside the areas in which we work. Let us know and we’ll find you the right pro for the job. We’ve got great referral partners.

We give you all the data upfront.

We’ve got one of the most sophisticated property match systems out there that will help you stay on top of the market in real time. That combined withour daily analysis of the market which we send to our buyer clients to help put all the info into context ensures we’ve got he most informed and prepared Buyers in the market.

We're efficient.

Being Toronto’s first and only paperless brokerage, we have the ability to perform transactions anywhere, anytime and in record time. Saving your time, money and potentially getting you the home of your dreams before other Buyer have a chance to put pen to paper.

We'll service the hell out of you.

90% of our business is referral based. We get these referrals because we envelop you with the best service you’ve ever had. From the first meeting, to moving in, we’ve got the systems and personnel in place to make sure your hand is held firm until the dust has settled. Our “move dashboard” that helps you manage the transition will blow your mind…and make changing addresses a pleasure.

We're Master Negotiators.

We’re part of a small group of Toronto agents that have completed the CNE aka Certified Negotiation Expert course and it shows. Our Buyers know what they want and we’re damn good and helping them get it. We win often due to this uber important skill we’ve honed.


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