Selling Your Home Part 1/3: The Planning Meeting

Here’s how we work for sellers.


The Planning Meeting

Hired us to sell your place? Amazing! Here’s what you’re in for. The first step is to have us come through with our contractor and designer. This takes about an hour and the result is a perfectly laid out plan to turn your home into a swoon worthy masterpiece that’ll get Buyers to open their wallets nice and wide for you. Action items are set out in an an easy to read PDF.

Decluttering (you prep we move)

We’ll ask you to remove everything off of your countertops, remove ½ of the items from all shelves (exposed). Empty half of your jam packed closets. Pack all of those items in the boxes we provide for you and we’ll store them for you safely until you’re ready to move (this includes removing/storing furniture items we need to replace with staged items). Then create a “Take to the Dump” pile for us and we’ll go ahead and toss that stuff for you.  Your work ends when the packing is done. We take it from there.

Fix Stuff (that’s all us)

During the SPRING Planning Consult we created a long list of “fixes”. This is where our hard work starts. Our contractor takes that list and tackles the project one item at a time from painting throughout to small caulking jobs to full on renovation projects, we do what we need to do to maximize the return. If it makes sense to spend $15,000 preparing your home for sale, we’ll do it. Part of our “Secret Sauce” is the amount of money and energy we spend getting homes ready for market. This is all included in our fee. We won’t stop until it’s all done at no extra charge to you.

Staging (that’s all us too)

Now that the place is all de-cluttered and fixed up it’s time to take it to showroom condition! Other REALTORS boast about having staging inventory but we’d rather pay a little more to lease furniture to make sure we always have the pieces we need and even more important: to stay on trend with current styles. We focus on making sure we bring in the right pieces for your space, not wasting time building an inventory of items that will be outdated in year. Again, this is all included in our fee.

Cleaning (of course that’s us too)

Now that we’ve achieved showroom level quality, it’s time to sparkle. Our cleaning crew (former cleaning staff at the Four Seasons) will go through every inch of your space to pass the white glove test before the first showing.

Media Kit

We’ve put in a lot of work up till now so it makes total sense to showcase the home as if it’ll be published in a magazine (and sometimes our listings do! Check out this one of ours that made Toronto Life). This includes complete high res photos, a custom 3D immersive tour, professionally measured floor plans and of course our patented bamboo paper feature sheets. (perhaps link to examples here or something)


Sure we could just show up with an iPhone to take some photos and put your home on the market the same day like some Toronto REALTORS do (how do they even get hired anyway!?!). We’d even be able to sell it that way the way the market is. So why all this effort? You see, it’s no longer a question of “Will my home sell” but “How much will my home sell for”. That’s why we do all of this. We know we can sell your home, that’s easy. The hard part is getting Buyers to connect with your space like no other and pay you an obscene amount of money for your home. That’s where we shine. That’s why we’re worth every penny you pay us.