Scouring Twitter this morning as I do every morning I noticed this tweet.

Coming to the old Hummingbird Caribbean space btw…

My immediate thought was: “Another BBQ joint?” Between Aft and Leslieville Pumps I think we’re good in the brisket Shake up the leslieville riverside restaurant industrydepartment. In fact, I think we’ve got Irish Pubs and Italian Restaurants covered too. So what’s next? With rents as high as they are it’s only natural the we attract businesses with higher margins and volume to keep up. I hate seeing businesses close but it happens and it’s happening more and more. Most would like to blame the greedy landlord but I’m more inclined to put the blame on bad business planning and failure to adapt new new demand and changing demographic. Anyway, I digress. Here’s the real point.

If anyone does real market research  in Riverside Toronto before opening a business here, they’ll see that we’re craving cultural diversity in our cuisine. I’d argue that Tabule is THE most successful restaurant in the entire East End (perhaps the Nose too). Why are they successful? Simple really, they studied the market and realized that nobody was catering to the needs of those with global tastes. They opened and I’m pretty sure they’ve been jam packed every day since.

Another great example of a place that’s boomed since opening? Maha’s kitchen. Sure, another middle eastern establishment but far enough away and different enough to make it work. Again, catering to the lack of diversity in the East End food environment.

Want to be a successful restauranteur in Toronto? Look at the neighbourhood and give it what it doesn’t have. Sounds simple but of course it isn’t. There’s a lot more that goes into opening a hot spot but having a unique product will help you stay open and thrive in the long term. You hear us restaurateurs? We want something different!!!!