Queen East welcomes Middle Eastern Cuisine with open arms!

Toronto’s East End is going through massive changes and as the Pan-Am games land here in 2015, Corktown, Riverside, and Leslieville will be a hotbed of activity. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re open for business!

Well, actually we’re open if you’re not another Italian restaurant or Irish pub. We’ve got enough of those, and they’re good so come visit them all while you’re here!

Leslieville and Riverside have a wonderful collection of unique shops and restaurants and they’re regularly busy for a reason, but a line-up on a Wednesday night??? Allow me to explain. I was walking Cody the Closer along Queen St last night and noticed a rather large lineup. As I neared, I noticed that Toronto’s Riverside newest addition, Tabule, had eager East Enders cuing up for a taste of their middle eastern goodness. Line-ups happen here in the East End (visit Lady Marmalade or Bonjour Brioche for brunch on the weekend and see for yourself) but never have I seen one at a restaurant on a Wednesday night.

Tabule has done a wonderful job of promoting their new spot via Twitter. Give them a follow. The person who runs their twitter is so engaging (Diana?)! They’ve also successfully created local buzz through the Riverside BIA.  They saw an opportunity on Queen St. east, grabbed it by the horns and are executing perfectly. They’re the only spot in the area that has a BYOW with no corkage fee! Not every night but Mondays and Tuesdays I believe. And the food? Fogget-about-id! (<– that means its really good by the way!)

Are you a restauranteur experienced in ethnic cuisine? Italy, Ireland, Canada, and now the Middle East are all well represented.  Were eagerly waiting (with open wallets) for the tastes of the rest of the world. Many great spaces are/will be available for lease or sale. Get in touch to find out more.

Happy Eating, Toronto 🙂 oh and while you wait for your meal, log-in to the Spring Realty Homefinder to access neighbourhood listings with tonnes more info than the MLS.