Business 101 by F’Coffee now The Cannonball

We love it when local businesses thrive and shed a small tear when they dive. Unfortunately there’s a lot of “oh so sad that they closed” or “damn those greedy landlords” etc… but if you’ve ever read this blog you know that we never join the pity party. I challenge you to find a group of people that support local like we do. You won’t. BUT we support local that provides us with unique products/services and takes customer service to the next level. We don’t support local for the sake of supporting local.

Now, here’s a story of a business who decided not to bitch and whine. They chose to dig in their heels, diversify, and grow. They chose to be successful. I’m talking about The Cannonball Bar formerly known as F’Coffee at 641 Queen Street East in Riverside just east of the DVP. 

This little gem of a coffee shop (did you know they were LLBO?) had a great thing going on. A nice little place with great java and a secret garden patio in the back. What more could you ask for right? Then, the big bad Dark Horse Espresso Bar (they’re local but growing into many other Toronto hoods) opened up a fresh new space directly across the street from F’Coffee. This would for sure be an end to their business. After all, how can you compete with the big bad chain right?

WRONG! F’Coffee decided to flex their entrepreneurial muscles and do a quick re-branding to become The Cannonball Bar. They took a look at what the market needed and adapted. In other words, they chose to be successful. With a name like F’Coffee it would be hard to guess that they had anything else to offer so they simply changed. They’ve got a super engaging Facebook Page so follow them to see what they do and make sure to give them a try.

Oh, and I’m not hating on Dark Horse, in fact I wrote this while sitting at Dark Horse across the street ๐Ÿ™‚