Edge Lofts at 625 Queen East welcome Italian Resto, say no thanks to The Real Jerk.

Back when I started this blog nearly 3 years ago one of the first stories I published was about the Real Jerk and their ordeal with their new landlord and their pending eviction. You see, we took the not-so-popular but what I believe to be the correct position that the new landlord owed nothing to the Real Jerk and that their bad business planning and lack of an actual lease put them in the unfortunate position…they made their own bed, if you will.

Sure the community rallied around them, local Councillors used it as an opportunity to earn some more votes but at the end of the day they were booted (rightfully so) and using the media as their “mouth piece” as one comment-er on this Toronto Star article so beautifully put it, didn’t work.

So fast forward a couple years and here they are whining again about not getting a space they wanted. Again in the media saying things like

They made it very clear that we weren’t welcome – said Ed Pottinger owner of the Real Jerk

Well perhaps you weren’t welcome because you couldn’t (wouldn’t)  follow the condo rules and close at 11pm instead of 1am oh and wanting to have a Karaoke night every weekend? This new restaurant is a quieter place that has agreed to 100% of the condo’s demands. That’s why they got the place…that’s it. So please, Real Jerk, stop whining at every opportunity and focus on doing what you do so well: Making awesome Caribbean food…which I enjoy once a week by the way.

Oh and one last thing. The new spot they chose to invest in at Gerrard and Carlaw…it’s been for sale and is prime development land for a while now so something tells me Round 3 is just around the corner.

Rant over.