Would you rather spend $3000 or $15000 to sell you home?

When a question is phrased this way the obvious answer is the former. Right? We’re not here to bad mouth alternative business models that exist in the Real Estate space. In fact we’re happy that the Real Estate space is being “disrupted” by fresh new brokerages with different business models. This needs to happen to service the different types of consumer that exist in our marketplace. We’ve been studying our market overย the past three years and have identified 3 common consumer types.

It’s all about the price (notice how I didn’t say value).

This consumer will always be on the lookout for the best available price. They would answer the question posed above with an unequivocal YES. This is the type of consumer that does not want to hear how flipping amazing your marketing plan is, how crisp your pro photos are, and how sexy your marketing video is. He’s simply looking to pay as little as possible and usually willing to take on the majority of the work him/herself. This is not a Spring Realty client.

Value Driven, Price Concious.

This consumer sees the overall benefit of using a professional but likely thinks Realtors make too much money and they will fight tooth and nail to get the best possible commission. We like this type of consumer. I’ll go out on a limb and say we’re one of the very few brokerages who understand that real estate commissions are flexible and that each property’s marketing needs are different. If a property doesn’t need the full court press, why not pass that savings on to the consumer? In a super hot housing market like we have here in Toronto, some properties move a lot quicker than others. A brokerage working full time for a week vs. marketing a hard sell for 3 months shouldn’t charge the same. Agree? This IS a Spring Realty client.

I’m too busy, just get the job done.

We all know this type of client and likely have a few we’re working with at any given time. This person is type A, successful, and doesn’t have time to deal with anything related to the property sale. They want us to handle staging, fixing up, de-cluttering, and even dealing with their pet. This is the person that sees 100% value in everything that we do and usually doesn’t even discuss commissions until the very end of the meeting. At which point there isn’t a negotiation. They have called us because they already trust us, and they know that we’ve got their back. This IS a Spring Client

Spring Realty is a full service brokerage that charges a percentage of the final sale price of your home. We do not offer flat fee options nor do we offer cookie-cutter marketing solutions for our full service clients. We understand the real estate commissions are negotiable and that what we’ve charged one client may be different than what we charge another.