Leslieville Mural – Three Finalists

Public Open House Tonight 6:30-8:30pm See bottom of post for details. 

Dan Bergeron

His proposal describes himself as a “Visual artist whose work examines, re-imagines and exists in the public landscape.

Leslieville is an area of our city that is in the middle of a dramatic change. There are new people, new developments and new uses for existing architecture and public spaces. The one constant throughout these and past changes is the name of the neighbourhood. L-E-S-L-I-E-V-I-L-L-E, is a repetitive deconstruction of the letters that make up the neighbourhood’s name.


The proposed mural was created with a vibrant, fun, colourful and dynamic theme in mind based on the comments from the Leslieville community members. Colours are inspired by the Canadian maple tree and the breathtaking colours of autumn.

The hard line work in the mural is street art inspired which vandals and taggers respect. This will act as a deterrent from vandalism and the defacement of the property. 

Elicser Elliott

In days of yore, on Leslieville shore, put down your phone and daydream under the Maple Tree. 

There’s a public open house tonight at 1109 Queen St East (The Project Gallery) to get some feedback and showcase the three finalists’ work. You can also provide your opinion via Councillor Fletcher’s survey page. See you there 6:30-8:30 tonight!