At this time of year we most keenly realize how lucky we are to have good homes and wonderful families; with this in mind Spring Realty has decided to run a food drive, however, it’s not your regular food drive – this one is virtual!

You must be thinking how do I email cans of food? Well the truth is you can’t (at least not yet). So instead of emailing cans of food we will donate 1lb of food for every like on our Facebook page, Google+ or Twitter comment with the hash tag #springrealtyfood.

We have set a goal of donating 200lbs to Daily Bread Food bank. Please help us get there and make sure to come back and check our progress. Our virtual food drive runs from Nov. 22 to Dec. 22. See below for the fine details.

Update: Thank you for taking part, together we were able to donate 200 lbs of food to help feed families this holiday season.

Spring Realty will purchase up to 400lbs of food for donation to the Daily Bread Food Bank. No predetermined cash value. Units will be determined by evaluating the total amount of ‘Likes’ on the Facebook page (, Tweets with the hashtag #springrealtyfood, and number of accounts associated with the Google+ Springrealty page (circles). Any additional units will be considered for additional optional donations. Any Facebook, Google+, or Twitter accounts suspected of being used for fraudulent purposes (not representing actual people or businesses regularly participating in typical social media activities) will not count for units. Tweets from SpringRealtyInc,SpringBrian,AraMamourian,and JulianDesign will not count as units as these represent the official account and director accounts and as such will be used to inform about the promotion.