What’s the market like?

If you pay attention to the monthly stats the Toronto Real Estate Board distributes every month you’ll be left scratching your head.

Those numbers mean something different to the guy sitting in his semi detached house in Leslieville vs. the guy in his 1 bedroom condo in City Place so the only way to know how much your home is worth is to invite us into your space and let us fully assess it.

BUT since everyone else is doing it, we’ll join the party and give you our version of the Toronto Real Estate Market Report. We’ll be doing this monthly so make sure you subscribe to our market updates and we’ll deliver it right to you. No SPAM promise.

TREB stats suggest that detached homes are up 8%, Townhouses are up 5.9%, Condos are up 5.4%, and Semi-Detached homes are DOWN 4.4%. This is the tricky part, what this means is that this December there were probably a few lower priced semi’s that sold vs. last December, it doesn’t mean that the value of the Semi that you’re sitting in right now is worth less. This is why we need to come to your house to tell you exactly how the your street is reacting to the market. Yes, that’s right, your Street. Real Estate stats are that specific right now.