We like to keep things simple at Spring Realty, that’s why we release our No BS version of the Toronto Real Estate Market Watch. Keep in mind that these figures are only for the 416 area code (please don’t be offended 905, it’s not you, it’s us). Also keep in mind that these are AVERAGES, and may not apply to your property specifically. Some neighbourhoods are performing better than others. One thing’s for sure, we have buyers looking for houses but there is literally nothing for us to sell them. If you have a house, call us immediately for an evaluation. If you have a condo, call us to see if you live in one of the lucky buildings that have actually appreciated since last year. Hey Buyers, if you’re in the market and want to keep track of what’s happening, we’ve just upgraded our Custom Search Tool so you can now save your favourites and track progress (btw, we have more info in our search tool than anyone else like: price changes, days on market, property tax and more). Check it out.

First time buyer? We’ve got an epic article that outlines the entire process from start to finish. Do yourself a favour and read it, then call us to start the hunt!