Remember that corner where Ethel Furniture used to be? Well, after a years of painfully negotiating through the City of Toronto’s building permit process owners Yoona and Guy are almost at the finish line (pun intended!). They’re aiming for an April’ish opening.

What is Sweat & Soda?

Sweat & Soda (a play on Scotch and soda) in Leslieville is a “quick serve restaurant and meal prep service with loads of vegan options.” and a “local hub catering to the fitness folks: runners and cyclists for example or for people want to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle” says Yoona.

Coming from a long distance running background, Yoona always struggled with training at the highest possible level, working full time and doing her best to prepare healthy foods on top of all that. There are many food prep services in Toronto but none seemed to give her what she needed so naturally, like every entrepreneur, she set out on a mission to bring her vision to life.

Leslieville’s Sweat & Soda wants to make it clear that they are open to serve the needs of all levels of athlete from beginner to expert. It can be quite intimidating for those who are at the beginning of their fitness journey so Yoona wants to create a hub where the novice athlete can learn from the experts. She hopes to provide a “community board” where fitness services providers can connect with consumers who want to become more fit or explore new and innovative ideas to help achieve their goals.

Yoona said she didn’t even know the Leslie Spit even existed until she started running around there so she’s working with a graphic designer to create local “Discovery Maps” for runners. These maps will be distributed from the Sweat & Soda Hub and will highlight “Discovery Runs” with varying distances to local attractions. I can see this being HUGE with the runners and cyclists new to Toronto and for local tourism.

Running or cycling by and need a water bottle refill, bandaid or some other help? Yoona is there to help you out. She’s even going to set up day lockers for you to keep your keys and other valuables in while your off on one of the staff led local runs or cycles. Have a local running group? You can use Sweat & Soda as your meeting spot at no charge of course. There’s going to be so much energy there!

I can already picture runners and cyclists enjoying uber healthy foods, juices, coffees and treats while chilling on the back patio after a long Sunday run or an epic ride. They’re not open for dinner so you’ll have to enjoy during the day. They’re hiring now too so if you have a passion for food, fitness and coffee send resume: yoona (at) sweatandsoda (dot) com

Here are some of the foods they’ve been testing. Looking delicious!

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