Would you buy a house around the corner from a strip club?

What do Bloor West  and Riverside have in common? Boobies! yes, that’s right, Boobies (with a capital B). Each of these neighbourhoods is home to at least one Gentlemen’s Club aka Nudie Bar aka Strip Clup. What do you think this does to property values? Much to our surprise, these houses of ill repute are actually bolstering property values! Ever heard of the Starbucks Effect? Let’s call this the Erotic Effect (Realtors, I expect you to use this phrase from now on).

The three neighbourhoods in question are:

Funny thing: Dovercourt-Wallace Emerson-Junction, Dufferin Grove, and Riverside have realized some of the most aggressive growth when compared to most other Toronto neighbourhoods over the past couple years. Some of the City’s best bars, restaurants and shops are in these amazing neighbourhoods so it’s safe to say that these neighbourhoods are booming in spite of these questionable establishments.

I came across this hilarious Google Streetview at House of Lancaster…BUSTED! Walking into a Strip Bar mid-day.

Check out the interesting neighbour situation at Club Paradise….WOW!

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