Oh my goodness! It’s been a week since the Charity Casino Night in support of the Red Door Family Shelter and the compliments, comments, and high fives are still coming in from all over the place. The biggest high five goes to the Red Door Shelter who’s support in spreading the word was invaluable.

red door cheque hand off

Ok so no huge novelty cheque but that is a cheque for 10K, promise! Have never been happier. Ever!

We raised $10,000, gave away a trip to Costa Rica, and put on the best show the East Side has ever seen. I’d say that was a giant success

We had 120 guests show up to the Circus Academy and man were they all there to party! The energy was HIGH and wallets were full!

The one thing that really made this evening special for me was when I was up on stage addressing the guests and I asked one question: “How many of you DIDN’T know about the Red Door Shelter before this event?” well, half the room put their hands way up. Half the room! At that point I knew our job was done and even if we didn’t raise a penny that night, knowing that 60 more people now know about the Red Door was enough for me.

But looks like we raised a little more than awareness…after all the money was counted and credit cards cleared we were able to write a cheque for $10,000 to the Red Door Shelter on Friday. I teared up when handing it over. It was truly one of the best moments of my life. Thanks to you all for being part of the journey. Can’t wait to go even bigger and better next year!

If you attended click here to check out all the photos. See if your beautiful self is in there πŸ™‚

Big thanks to our major sponsors: Welbanks Financial | Feld/Kalia WeAreLaw | Pigeon Brands and of course us as the presenting sponsor!

Check out some photos below but the first one captures the energy of the evening perfectly!


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