Homes (including houses and condos) are in huge demand and are selling for well over asking even when priced at market value so hiring a local pro (not an agent who works all over the GTA but a real local professional) to properly price a home just right is vital.

Price it too low and you may not get the number you want. Price it too high and you could scare away Buyers.

We’ll plough through local comps and dig into our Local Intelligence to come up with the perfect number as we’ve done over and over again for our Sellers. We hope to have earned enough of your trust by this stage that you’ll let us take the lead here and trust that we’ve got you going down the right path.

Many Toronto Realtors love boasting about selling things over asking (anyone can do that in this market) we’d prefer to boast about putting loads of cash in your pocket. It is all about you afterall.

Marketing & Promotion

Ok now this is the stuff that gets us excited. You see, while other REALTORS are sitting in their Facebook 101 classes at their stuffy offices or sitting in your living room telling you how their “global network” at their big box brokerage will sell your place faster than anyone else we’re out there building what we call a “Property Profile” where we identify who the probable (ideal) buyer is for your home and design a marketing plan to target that Buyer with our various campaigns.

Digital Ads: Facebook, Google, Twitter & Instagram

We take the Media Kit (high res photos, 3D tours, Floor plans) we spoke about in Part 1 of this series and pump it out to our “Property Profile” targets through our expert level digital ad system to literally get tens of thousands of Buyer eyes within 24hrs.  Our fun, creative copy gets attention, triggers engagement and most importantly: gets your place sold for a price you’re going to be extremely happy with.

Broker Exposure: MLS Listing

Of course we’d be fools to not take advantage of the MLS system to make sure the Brokers of Toronto see your listing and show their Buyers. We even wine and dine Brokers to make sure your place is top of mind.

Open Houses: Lots of Open Houses

We like to host evening open houses 5-8pm for neighbours and of course on weekends from 1-4:30pm. We find that neighbours are the best listing ambassadors because our interests are aligned. They want you to get the highest price for your home so their home is worth more. We like to turn neighbours into mini marketing machines arming them with listing details to spread to their networks.

Community Engagement

We’re deeply imbedded in the communities in which we work (that’s likely why you called us) so we know the local influencers and shot callers. It’s amazing how much our reach can be amplified by tapping these resources when looking for Buyers. As members of our local BIA’s, local charities and community leaders we can sometimes get your home in the hands of a Buyer who doesn’t even know they’re a Buyer yet!

Ok now it’s offer time. Read more about what that looks like in the final part of our Selling 101 series.

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