#urbanizeTHIS Season 2 Is Here!

One of the most exciting parts of 2016 was starting the #urbanizeTHIS Podcast with my good friend Matthew Slutsky (owner of BuzzBuzzHome). We just launched Season 2 with the most interesting interview with Jordan Teperman.

The Teperman family has been involved in city building through wrecking for over 5 generations! The Tepermans were involved in clearing the way for Maple Leaf Gardens in the 30’s. You wouldn’t believe the offer they turned down from Conn Smythe! Have you heard of Chorley Park? Well, they were involved in that too…although reluctantly. Look it up and see.

The conversation shifts from wrecking to building and what the future holds for Haven Developments and Toronto. You can subscribe to our show on iTunes or visit urbanizethis.com.

Happy Listening!