Our previous post titled: people want a home, not an Agent. So we’ve decided to stop talking so much about ourselves and focus on the ultimate goal of finding or selling your home! Sure, we’ll still share when we come up with new and exciting ideas, creative marketing pieces, and accomplish milestones but 99% of our energy, content, and money will be spent on YOU.

Promise 1: We promise to work your way

We promise to work your way. Sure, we’re about as tech savvy as you can get in Toronto Real Estate but we understand that not everyone is as comfortable with tech and social as we are. If you prefer the face to face vs. emailing documents back and forth: we can do that. Not a fan of texting? I think we still remember how to dial a phone.

Promise 2: We’ll speak less and listen more

There’s no doubt we love to talk talk talk about how great a particular neighbourhood is, or how awesome this street is, or how great the schools are but sometimes during all that talking we forget to listen. We promise to stop talking so much and do a lot more listening. Sound good?

Keep coming back to our blog or following our Facebook page for the next post where I’ll reveal Promise #3 and 4!