Purple Penguin Cafe in Leslieville

Writing this as I try and come back down from Apple Fritter heaven. Just had some great fritters and conversation with the owner of Leslieville’s newest spot, the Purple Penguin Cafe. June is her name and she’s one interesting person!

Originally from Japan, then lived in Paris, then to Orangeville (Paris to Orangeville? That must have been a shocker!) and now, Toronto!

She’s a painter, furniture maker (yup she made all those tables in the restaurant), and now the Queen of Fritters! After Purple Penguin Cafe’s opening day yesterday, there was some bad feedback about the coffee but considering they get their beans from Pig Iron Coffee Roasters I don’t see why. Perhaps because June has chosen a lightly roasted bean vs. the heavier dark roasts some seem to be used to around here. But give them a chance to make changes as they grow.

One thing I noticed immediately was June’sย keen passion for a neighbourhood she barely knows. It’s like this neighbourhood and June were made for each other. She spoke of hosting open mic nights, giving starving artists a place for their work, and bringing the artist community together here. Ya, I think the curse of that corner has been lifted. The Purple Penguin is here to stay (as long as June is at the helm).

I’ve never met anyone so excited about fritters. June used to drive an hour from Orangeville to Kitchener to get her fritter fix from the Mennonite markets. Now, she’s sharing her passion with us. You should go there and support her at Purple Penguin. Not only is she a wonderful person, her space is beautifully designed, and the Fritters are awesome. I’ll be back to try the rest of her menu this week. I’m thinking a Spring Realty office meeting should take place here.

There’s more to the Purple Penguin than Fritters!

They have a full menu of awesome food including sandwiches, soups, salads, and panini’s from $5.00 to $10.95. Considering June gets all her ingredients locally (including her cheese from the Leslieville Cheese market) she’s managed to keep her prices low!

Sorry for the bad pics. I’ll update with better ones later today