SOLD: Leslieville’s Queen & Carlaw

The Leslieville rumour mill has been churning for a few weeks now about the possible sale of the NE corner of Queen and Carlaw (972-980 Queen East). Home to The Thirsty Duck, an old convenience store, TORQ Ride, Mean Bao and Skin & Bones Wine bar.

We have since confirmed the sale with a person very close to the deal.

We’re not sure exactly how much of it was sold but the entire site has the same owner. Considering the buildings would be worth more as a package we’ll assume the whole lot was sold together. We’ll confirm as details of the deal become available.

A little history

The current owner/seller purchased 972 Queen East (the Thirsty Duck formerly Celine Garden) in 1986 for $330K. People must have thought he was nuts at the time but look who’s laughing now! They had already owned the Howard Jewelers site since 1981 (purchased for an undisclosed amount) then these savvy landlord teamed up with a company called Leslieville Maple Holdings Limited to acquire 978 & 980 Queen East (the TORQ Ride and Skin and Bones site) in 2010 for a combined $1,685,000.

We don’t have the purchase price on the site yet as it hasn’t been reported but we’d estimate the worth at approximately $8-10 million dollars.

We’re almost certain the site was purchased by a developer but you’ll be the first to know once we confirm the Buyer. What do you think? Comment below or message us.