Leslieville’s getting some big balls…Meatballs, that is.

Remember Rodney Bowers? He was the super awesome chef behind the former Queen East hotspot, The Citizen. Celebrity chef Lynn Crawford and that designer from restaurant Leslieville Meatball Restaurantmakeover took over the Citizen and created the uber hot Ruby Watch Co. which has been thriving in Riverside District for a while now. Ruby is a great spot but a lot of East Enders miss Rodney’s more casual take on fine dining. He’s since gone on to create two awesome restaurants. One called Hey Meatball on College Street and another called Hey! in Roncesvalles.

In just a few short days the doors at 912 Queen Street east in Leslieville (where Rowe farms used to be) will open and allow local Leslievillians and our guests to taste Chef Bowers’ giant Meatballs! We can’t wait to get in there and try it out. Here’s how the space looked this morning, wonder if they’ll open for lunch today!?