Its been quite busy here on the North Pole. Christmas is just around the corner and all of the Elves are working so hard. I love those guys! Once everything calms down on the 26th, Mrs Claus and I will be heading down to Toronto for some R & R. We pick a different City to vacation in each year and I’m no stranger to cold so Toronto is perfect in December. We’ll be staying at our new vacation home in Toronto or as the French say: Our, Pied-a-Terre. During a recent sleigh ride over Toronto, I was drawn in by the lights and decided to take the plunge and buy a Townhouse near Downtown so the Wife and I could enjoy the nightlife while we’re in town. We decided to call Spring Realty mainly because I love that they’ve embraced Social Media (or SoMe as Ara calls it), Technology, and their blog is pretty solid too. Plus, they weren’t clogging up my mailbox everyday with postcards and flyers, oh and those darn cold calls and random door knocks…don’t those other brokers know I’m busy?

You see I’ve been following Spring on Facebook for a while and love what they’re doing in the digital world. Who knows, if they’re all good, I may bring them some cool gadgets for Christmas! It was such a pleasure working with Spring, I mean, they took care of absolutely everything and didn’t waste a second of my time. Their paperless technology was great and the search tool on the main website was fantastic aid and allowed me to search a lot on my own. Oh, and Cody the Closer is an energetic little worker, I love that little guy!

Little did they know that this was a test for a much bigger job. If they treated me well I was going to give them the contract to get each one of my elves a place of their own for their retirement. You see, they’re used to the cold but love a few warm months, that’s why Toronto is perfect for them. A new home is part of my retirement package for the Elves, they work so darn hard all the time they deserve it!

Well, that’s all the time I have for now, I have to go and check the sleigh. My elves tell me that we have some last minute repairs to make. The reindeer are checking the weather and keeping in good shape for the big night. The quicker I finish up the more time I can spend with the beautiful Mrs. Clause. I would most definitely recommend Spring Realty, and their Agents to all of my friends, and you should too!

I have put Spring on my nice list. I make sure to put something extra special in their stockings every year!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!

Yours very Truly,