Does Leslieville need another pub? Yes.

East Side Social owners to open new pub in Leslieville and plop it right in the middle of Leslieville’s busiest intersection: Queen and Carlaw.

Where Is It?

East Side Social Owners To Open New Pub In LeslievilleLeslieville’s most famous Chinese restaurant/Bar: Celine Garden is set to close its doors forever on May 29th after a 20+ year run at the NE corner of Queen and Carlaw. When I moved to Leslieville 13yrs ago I had limited funds and a hungry belly so we’d go Celine Garden to eat loads of delicious food (probably very very bad for you but whatever!) and get a nice buzz on with $2 Molson Exports. Those were the days but times they are a changin’ and the neighbourhood must change with it. It’s still unclear whether Joey Skeir and partner Cherie Stinson (from HGTV’s restaurant makeover) have bought the building or are leasing but it doesn’t matter. They seem to have the Midas Touch and are sure to transform 972 Queen Street East into something special.

What Kind of Pub?

The new Pub (yet to be named) will feature “High End pub food” with an affordable beer selection. But what sets this unnamed pub apart will be the focus on authentic East Coast Style Donairs. Mmmmmm, donairs!! We might be at the beginning of a new trend in Toronto with East Coast style donairs with another local; Rock Lobster announcing “Halifax Donairs” on their menu yesterday.

But what sets this unnamed pub apart will be the focus on authentic East Coast Style Donairs.

Skeir and Stinson’s confidence and investment in Leslieville speaks to the massive demographic shift and increased demand for fresh experiences on Queen Street East as we’ve seen with the arrival of Good Neighbour (Drake General store type thing), and the huge success of Leslieville Pumps, Skin & Bones, and Bill Hicks Bar all at the same intersection.

We’ll keep you posted on updates and timelines. All we know right now is that Celine Garden is closing at the end of next week and I’m sure renovations will start shortly after. I suspect this is a 2 month project but likely longer.

Wishing you all the success in the World, Joey and Cherie! Our office is 30 metres to the North so we’ll be by often!