Real Estate: Our way.

An analysis of the “trying to please everyone” path Starbucks seems to be taking prompted this post. One of our favourite sites to follow is Design Taxi. They have fantastic content that makes us laugh, inspires us, and motivates us to be better. The above post was originally published on another one of our favourite resources: Idea Sandbox by founder, Paul Williams. Unfortunately we only noticed it back in March when Design Taxi re-released it…sorry Paul!

Here’s a quote  from the post that resonates with every fibre of our being:

When you try to be all things to all people, you no longer represent anything specific. You’re no longer remarkable, but common. Customers don’t know why they should specifically come to you. And, if you’re as good or the same as the next place… customers may as well choose the next place.

Alright, we get it. Spring Realty and Starbucks are no where near being in the same league…hell, we don’t even play the same sport but we do have one thing in common: We want to be the best at what we do and do it differently. Well, I guess we had something in common…

So when we create amazing marketing material like this for our listings and some tell us it’s over-the-top and useless. We’re okay with that, we have proof it works.

When some tell us we should be spending money on direct mail campaigns because it works. We say “Hell No!”
not because we don’t think it works but because we’d rather not fill people’s recycling bins with our content. We’d rather engage them online and out in the real world.

When we spend loads of time and money promoting our listings and creating fun, engaging content on various social media
aka New Media platforms and some feel as though it’s a waste of time. We’re okay with that. We love the engaging conversations and relationships that some of our posts spark.

We could go on and and on about how we do things differently but we’d prefer to explain in person.  Get in touch with us so we can chat about our way of buying or selling in Toronto. We’ve just shot this awesome new lifestyle video we can’t wait to show you next week!!!


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