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How To Buy A Property In Toronto

Understand your “Why”

how to buy a property in toronto

Why are you buying? Many buyers looking to move into their favourite neighbourhoods spend way too much time focussing on the things they can’t control (the market) and completely forget about why they started looking for a new place in the first place.

Better school for the kids, safer neighbourhood, more local amenities, closer to work. These are all perfect lifestyle decisions to move and when you focus on the “Why” you help yourself get out of your own way. Pull the trigger…or don’t but when you focus on WHY the decision is made a ton easier.

Multiple offers, sensational media reports, generalizations and sales over asking  cannot dominate your thoughts. They’re all unnecessary distractions that will ultimately get in the way of your goal. The Toronto market is outperforming itself month over month and often a home sold today will likely fetch more than the same home sold a month earlier. This is real.

Naturally you’d expect a Brokerage to say “Hey hire us we’re the best” but sometimes we’re not. The days of the “everything to everyone” broker are over. If you’re working with someone who doesn’t specialize in a specific geographic area you’re going to lose.

Understand your WHY and hire a Broker who isn’t a generalist and you’ll win in this market. Ready to start the conversation?


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