TORQ: Leslieville’s Newest Spin Studio Coming Soon To Queen St.

We assumed QUAD East was going to close when their building located at 672 Queen Street East in Toronto’s Riverside District went up for sale a year ago. Looks like it was sold and the Brokers at CBRE have leased the space out to King West’s popular ping pong bar ironically named, SPIN.

A local entrepreneur and friend of Spring Realty has confirmed that a space has been secured on Queen Street in Leslieville proper for the East End’s newest Spinning Studio and it’s going to be called TORQ. The owner currently runs a very successful company here in the East End and when asked: Why?

They said:

I think the Community needs a solid spin option and this model I’m developing is really good and could be replicated in other communities.

We are going to be doing some cool stuff at TORQ including a social enterprise commitment for our laundry and some cleaning services

We don’t want to release too much information right now as some of the planning is still incomplete. Building out the space will begin in January and then a soft opening is scheduled for March of 2016. Make sure to stay connected to Spring by signing up below as we’re going to be giving away free memberships for Leslieville’s newest spin studio the moment they’re available.

Go Jays!!! #comeTOgether

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