Thought I’d let Ara take a break from writing. Hi everyone, I’m Cody! Also known as, Cody the Closer (#CodyTheCloser). I’m the Spring Realty Mascot and official deal closer (I’m kind of a big deal around here). Here are all the Off leash Dog Parks in Toronto that I enjoy playing in. There are others but these are my favourites!

Thompson Street Parkette 120 Broadview Ave – Well the City of Toronto finally took my threats…errr…requests seriously and completed the City’s newest off leash dog park! This place is my favourite right now mainly because there’s no dirt for me to eat! Ara’s pretty happy about that FO SHO! The pea gravel and wood chips keep it super clean even in the rain and there’s even a water fountain so I can keep my hyper ass hydrated. Hey, there’s even a strip bar right next door so you never know the interesting people you’ll meet here.

Gerrard Carlaw Parkette 855 Gerrard St. East – This off leash dog park is totally fenced in so I can’t get myself into trouble. The surface is covered in wood chips (which I love to chew on!) and has decent drainage. I do avoid this park when it’s wet because it get’s kind of muddy and I don’t really like that much. On dry, sunny days it’s amazing! There’s plenty of shade and a doggy water fountain for when I get thirsty.

Greenwood Park 150 Greenwood Avenue at Dundas Street East – Since this off leash park is just around the corner from the Spring Realty office we come down here during the day for a lunchtime run. I love how even when it’s wet the crushed granite surface doesn’t get all muddy. A pretty good place to run around but it gets kind of dusty on really hot days and there isn’t much shade. I hear local Councillor Paula Fletcher is working on that though. There are usually 20-40 dogs there during the lunch time rush so I get to run around a lot! The people are nice and some professional dog walkers show up with their pack too!

Hideaway Park 23 Audley Avenue – This little park is perfect for the rainy, early Spring Season, no matter how much it rains (I don’t really like being out in the rain anyway) there isn’t a speck of mud. This off leash dog park is totally fenced in so I’m safe here. The surface is all stone and pea gravel. The park is pretty small though but I get a good run when I’m with my best friend Kira the Xolo. Hidden away on a quiet street this park isn’t too busy but has a good 4-6pm after work crowd. Hope to see you there! (if you can find it)

Cherry Beach (at the foot of Cherry Street ) – Last Summer I came to this off leash dog park for the first time and I LOVED it! I didn’t really know how to swim but I got the hang of it and now I swim as often as I can. There is lots of shade along the path and I can always cool off in the water after I’m done playing. One thing to note is that this park isn’t securely fenced in. One time I decided to chase a kite boarder and found a way around the fence (I’m so smart sometimes!). A great spot to enjoy a hot summer day. I hope we go there tomorrow, I hear it’s gonna be a nice day.


Don Valley Brickworks 550 Bayview Avenue – Don’t you love what they’ve done with the Evergreen Brickworks? It’s so cool down there now. They’ve added a nice off leash dog park just for me! I especially love hanging with my favourite Doggy-sitter, Emily from Bark Place Hotel and Spaw. My pack and I run around and play for the entire afternoon. There’s plenty of shade and lots of interesting things to check out. I hope they install a water fountain there soon because I get so thirsty sometimes. I’m glad Emily brings me lots of water though. Can’t wait to go back there!

Kew Gardens 2075 Queen Street East At the foot of Lee Avenue – Another great off leash spot to check out. I get to cool off in the water and run around in the sand. Totally prefer Cherry Beach but when we’re hanging with my pals on the Boardwalk it’s a neat place to play for a while. Get’s pretty hot though so we have to take lots of breaks. Location is amazing, I usually get to go check out the stores along Queen St after. I always come home with treat!

Withrow Park 725 Logan Avenue at Danforth Avenue – When we’re visiting our favourite stores on the Danforth we always stop off here. I sometimes get into trouble because I’ve figured out a way to escape but it’s mostly fenced in and I get a good run. This place is always so clean and we love the doggies and people there. Most definitely worth a visit all year long. Bring water here too!

South Stanley Park 845 King Street West at Adelaide – Thought I’d mention my favourite west end off leash dog park too. See, we used to work at King and Bathurst so sometimes I’d get to come to the office there. At lunch time we’d sneak off to this cool park just east of Shaw at Stafford St. It’s really big and there are usually lots of dogs for me to play with. I think they’ve just re surfaced it too. Plus my good buddy George lives just down the street so I’ll be back here soon. Crushed concrete surface and fully fenced in so it’s perfect for trouble makers like me!

So there’s a quick overview of my favourite off leash dog parks in the East End. I’m off to the Brick works to get a good run now so hope to see you out there! If you have any questions just comment below and I’ll do my best to answer right away. Oh and if you want Ara to keep you posted on my future posts make sure you join the Spring Realty Insider Club.

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