Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you’ve all recovered from your BIG turkey dinners and are ready for a booming new week ahead! So let’s talk quickly about Selling your home and a couple things you need to trust us (the experts) with:

We’re usually not as blunt as the title of this post but that’s because we know how to not be dicks during listing presentations. I mean, we do the work for you and pay for it anyway so the only thing you need to do is allow access…simple right? So why do so many homeowners resist our design suggestions?

We’re in the business of actually selling properties…not having them sit on the market or sell forย below market value. Some of your design choices (that are awesome in their own way) are turning Buyers off. I know it’s silly to think that someone won’t buy a place because of the colour of the paint, or the room full of chachkies that you adore. It may just be a colour or clutter but people make purchasing decisions emotionally (whether they know it or not) and if your home doesn’t allow for a strong emotional connection or doesn’t elicit some feeling other than WTF…you’ve lost them. Get it now? So next time we suggest improvements….just let us do it. We pay for it anyway (along with full staging). You’ll get more for your home and it will sell quicker. See this one below? It was on the market for 3 months until my crew got all over it and sold it in a week with a serious transformation.

Before After 3 Before After 2 before after 1