Did you hear about the couple in California that stumbled upon a 10 million dollar treasure in their own back yard? What does this have to do with Toronto Real Estate you ask? Well, if you’re a Buyer in this market being able to successfully find and buy a house has become almost as rare…and difficult. Here’s what we’re doing about it:

We don’t wait for a house to hit MLS

Our agents are encouraged to scour the streets of Toronto in neighbourhoods their Buyers are looking specifically to look for any sort of moving activity. We see a moving truck, or staging vehicle and we stop and question them like Toronto’s finest detectives. Just this week we’ve managed to get early access to two homes and even made an offer on one of them before the staging was completed. This is what it takes to buy a house in Toronto’s market. Does your agent do that?

We get involved in communities

Not only do we get to give back to the amazing communities that support Spring Realty but we get a chance to meet many home owners who have begun to trust our Agents and the Spring Realty brand. Our ears are closer to the ground than many others giving us the ability to dig deeper to find you that pot of gold.

We know people in high places

Wish we could be everywhere but we can only embed ourselves in so many communities at once. Being heavily involved in the Leslieville BIA gives us a seat at the table with the big boys. If there’s development happening: we know about it first. If there’s a major construction project being planned: we know about it first. What does this mean to you? It gives us a head start on planning your timeline for purchase or for Sale. If they’re about to tear up the road in front of your house, we’ll know about it so we can time our Sale accordingly. If they’re about to install a 1000 gigawatt light in front of a house your’re about to buy to illuminate a new billboard, we’ll know about it first so we can make a truly informed decision.

We built an awesome Search Tool

You’ve certainly been scouring the MLS for listings and have had to reach out to an Agent to find out more. Well, we decided to build a tool that gives you more access to more information. Our MLS Search Tool gives you access to how long a property has been on the market, Property Tax information, and any price changes that may have occurred. All of that with the added feature of “Favourite Properties” that allows you to track your faves. We’ll even let you know if they sold and for how much, but you have to ask for that info.

That’s all for today folks. Have a GREAT one! Don’t be shy, contact us if you have questions about Buying or Selling your home.