You think it might be a good time to sell? Um…ya.

As of 6:18pm on Tuesday January 21st there were 32 offers registered on a Junction Triangle property. Now, you’d think this is some super hot property that’s been

renovated by Frank Ghery and occupied by Prince for the past decade but sadly, it’s your average Junction Triangle house. Of course it’s nice, it’s been tastefully updated, and is shows very well but 32 offers??? Would love to show you photos of the house but we’ve been slapped by our regulatory body for doing that in the past so just use your imagination. Or use our search tool to see if you can guess which one! Or you could just check out what BlogTO wrote about it today.

We’ve had an intense market in Toronto since 2009 so I’d expect a property like this to have around 6-10 offers but this massive spike speaks to the sheer lack of available detached and semi-detached housing inventory in Toronto. The markets suffering the most are The Junction, Junction Triangle, Roncesvalles, High Park, Leslieville, Riverside, and Riverdale. For the love of God, people, if you have a house and are considering selling: Now is the time!

Really don’t know what else to say right now other than: Call us! Our buyers are still looking for these properties and now we’ve added even more buyers to the mix. It’s time.

Don’t confuse the Junction proper with the Junction Triangle. The Junction Triangle spans Dufferin Grove and Wallace Emerson Junction.