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Our 2018 Accomplishments: A Good News Story!

Hello Everyone! Ara here, founder of the Spring Team and Partner at (owners of, Canada’s top resource for real time condo stats and listings). 2019 Market Predictions post coming in a couple days.

2018 was a year for the record books…thanks to you!

The days of us being Spring Realty are long gone. Since merging with Realty in July of 2017 our business has gone through the roof.

We went from a small brokerage barely cracking the top 10% of Realtors in Toronto to just cracking the top 1% in 2018. That’s right, Top 1% of over 55,000 Toronto Real Estate Board Realtors. I’m extremely proud of that. There was a lot of work behind it. A lot of new relationships. A lot of new beginnings. Effort.

But the foundation and continuing trust of our existing clients is what I most love and appreciate. Thank you! I’ve planned some awesome ways to make it rain ‘Thanks’ in 2019. Stay tuned for that!

Total number of sales were up 64% over 2017 while the rest of the City and other Brokerages had a dramatic decrease in number of sales. While others were struggling The Spring Team and the Teams were on fire.

Team revenue is up a whopping 124% over 2017

This means that every 2.78 days we helped a Buyer, Seller, Landlord or Tenant achieve their goal in 2018. The goal is to average one per day. We’ll most definitely get there by 2020.

Another huge win for 2018 was the thousands of dollars I donated to local charities, schools and organizations. The Red Door Family Shelter and Habitat for Humanity are, and will continue to get my attention. The amazing work they do for Women, Children and Families is unrivalled. 

I don’t make a big deal out of those ‘gives’ because I think the attention takes away from the act of giving. I just want to be able to give more.

The goal is to give $100,000 in 2019. 

Where did most of that growth come from?

  1. Referrals
    We had a record number of past clients show their love by sending us their friends and family. That was HUGE for us this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  2. Pre-Construction Sales
    A lot of time, money and effort went in to building systems and relationships to be successful in the pre-con game in 2017. 2018 is when those efforts, systems and relationships started to bear some fruit. We ended up with just over $15 Million in pre-con sales with our greatest success at Wonder Condos in Leslieville.
  3. Resale Houses & Condos
    Our resale business continued to perform very well this year with $35 million in sales. The big difference between 2018/2017 was that this year most of those sales came from Listing properties. We LOVE working with Buyers too but our Listing game has never been stronger.The SPRINGx Method (our newly developed listing system) has finally systemized and nailed down our home selling process. We’re firing on all cylinders and our clients are reaping the benefits…all the way to the bank. If you want the SPRINGx Method Guide just email me and I’ll send it over.
  4. We were hired by Habitat for Humanity to sell some of their investments in order to free up funds to build homes for families in need. When all is said and done I’ll be making a big donation to Habitat to help contribute to my $100K give goal for 2019. This was the most exciting project of 2018 for me.

So what’s going to happen in 2019?

  1. We’re going to sell 100 pre-construction units.
    I’m currently doing a sweep of all existing pre-construction product available to put forward the best possible investments. Believe it or not sometimes the best investments aren’t the new releases.There are some gems available that people are ignoring because they’re distracted by new launches. Our custom analysis tool is weeding out the zeros so we can get you with the hero’s (I’ve always wanted to use that line in a blog!). Anyway if you want a copy of our investment analysis tool, just email me.
  2. We’re going to achieve a minimum 50 Million in Resale houses & condos
    Now this isn’t an ego play here! The SPRINGx Method is going to speak for itself and inevitably make this happen. The amount of time, money and effort we put into each listing is unrivalled. Homeowners are starting to take notice.
  3. We’re going to grow the East End office of to 15 agents.
    Know anyone? We have the training systems that would put most brokerages to shame, we have the culture to keep you engaged and motivated and of course we have more leads through our platform that we know what to do with. There’s no better brokerage to work with 2018 and beyond. If you’re an agent reading this, send over an email or call/text and we’ll have a no-pressure chat. 416-434-1511
  4. We’re going to hire a full time administrator and sales manager. Here’s the job posting
    This is a very important step in the growth of the East End office of There’s no way we can achieve any of our lofty 2019 goals without a strong administrator. This is such a unique job opportunity that goes well beyond the starting salary of $48K/yr. With bonuses this can jump to over $100K quite easily. Know anyone? Send them my way!
  5. We’re going to expand our relationship with Habitat for Humanity
    On new and exciting projects going forward. That means we’re going to turn more renters into home-owners using uniquely crafted government programs along with funding from Habitat. The more we work with Habitat the more we can give back. Win win! In a month and a half we’ve sold 9 properties for them and hope to triple that volume in the coming year. But of course that’s not up to me, that’s up to the fine folks at Habitat whom we’ve hopefully impressed!

Thanks or taking the time to read this and allowing me/us to share all of our proud achievements in 2018. Your attention means the world to me and I hope to be able to keep you on your toes with amazing new gives, info and of course the highest possible level of service possible. If you’re not on my weekly’ish email list, you join the family here.

Happy New Year! Stay tuned for my 2018 Real Estate Round up coming in a couple days!

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