So 25 wards for Toronto it is…

Last week I wrote about the chaos at City Hall and how it might affect you. Thought we’d layer in an update this week. enjoy!

Doug Ford’s government won the appeal for a stay of Justice Belobaba’s ruling, this means that a 25 ward election will go forward. This is not a ruling that bill 5 is constitutional, simply that three justices agreed that the initial ruling would most likely be turned over on appeal.

Ok, so, what next for the Toronto City Council?

Nominations have been re-opened until Friday for anyone interested in running in the Oct 22nd 25 ward election. After the nomination period closes, the city clerk Ulli Watkiss works to ensure a fair and legal election takes place. A pretty daunting task to complete in just over a month…

But don’t worry, Ulli Watkiss is fucking bad ass.

  • She’s a former attorney
  • She’s worked as city clerk in Vancouver, Edmonton and here in Toronto since 2001
  • During the Rob Ford crack scandal, Ulli took responsibility for his staff with interim mayor Norm Kelly
  • She has overseen the modernization of council by moving council records online, publishing campaign donations and candidate lists and live streaming council meetings.

You can read more about Ulli and the responsibility of the City Clerk here.

Finally, We came across this story about a laneway in Kensington Market that the city doesn’t plow or maintain, and how that’s frustrated the residents who use it to get to their homes. Well, it turns out it is a private lane owned by a guy who has been dead over 100 years.

This got us thinking about the impact of the 25 ward election we spoke about in our last post, and how in a city as old and cobbled together as Toronto, every neighbourhood has it’s own little idiosyncrasies, and how many of these issues are managed by a municipal Councillor.

So, start harassing your Councillor this month, or you’ll be competing with twice as many people with twice as many issues come next term.

Again, I love the idea of finding efficiencies as I think most governments are too bogged down with red tape and aged systems and processes BUT I don’t believe this is the way to do it.

See you later!

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