Leslieville & Riverside Low on Condo/Loft Inventory

This happens every year yet most Agents stick to the same story: “Sell in the Spring”. Well, that’s not always the best plan. We’ve had more success selling properties when inventory is low. Oh and sorry we keep calling your homes inventory.

So there is no cookie cutter answer to when you should sell but we can say that typically inventory is lowest in the late Summer/early Fall and in the dead of Winter. We saw more multiple offers and sky high prices this past Winter than we saw this Spring.

Right now we haven’t had any GOOD new condos/lofts or detached houses on the market East of the DVP to Coxwellย since we had this place up at 233 Carlaw and this one at 118 Galt Ave. The same 29 stale listings of overpriced, cookiecutter, or poorly marketed properties keep showing up on my daily feed.

What does this mean to you?

Well, it means that if you have a condo at 233 Carlaw, 68 Broadview, 747 Queen St, 245 Carlaw, or even a larger space at 88 Colgate it’s time to get that sucker on the market. Here’s what’ll happen: You will get an offer, you will sell it for more than the previous sale, and you’ll move on to bigger and better things.