Bread & Butter Designs To Reclaim Jilly’s Wood: Riverside

Truck loading wood

Remember when we broke the news about the Jilly’s sale ages go? Well, we’ve come a long way and now we’re getting a cool new complex in place of the old strip joint run by Streetcar Developments with F & B operated by the local boys of Table 17 Restaurant Group but what’s more important is that Jilly’s will continue to provide Torontonians with some solid wood long after closing shop!

The talented carpenters and owners of Bread & Butter Designs have inked a deal with the restoration company working with Streetcar Developments allowing them access to ALL the wood that isn’t being restored in the Jilly’s space. That’s right, all of it.

We asked Blake Shaver, owner of Bread & Butter Designs what prompted him to approach the site manager at Jilly’s:

“I kept driving past the place and couldn’t help but envision all the wood that would eventually be burned, junked, or sent to the landfill…”

Shaver went on to say:

“I have a huge passion for up-cycling and preserving the old pieces. and being a part of reviving their story. Helping the story live on and be talked about for generations to come”

Shaver and his Fiancee opened up Bread & Butter Design a couple years ago but started out making pieces for friends and family. Their amazing creations resulted in huge demand so they simply saw an opportunity and went for it! Now they’ve grown into a company that typically sticks to commercial applications in restaurants, salons, and retail shops.

They’re going to start by making a bunch of items that people might want like coffee tables, shelves, etc… but they’d like to stick to mostly custom orders to if you want a piece of Jilly’s wood in your house to pass down from generation to generation and likely become an interesting conversation piece, give the crew at Bread & Butter Design an email today.

We’re ordering something for the office and our homes. What about you?

Oh and if you want to see some of their work, you’ll have to travel to the West end to Fat City Blues (Love this place), Woodlot, Bar Hop, or The Office Pub.