Streetcar is keeping it local…very local!

Back in September, Toronto Life confirmed Streetcar’s plans for the New Broadview Hotel aka Jilly’s and the Toronto Star followed up with their own a little while ago. We now know this severely underused building is being brought back to life by Streetcar Developments. Workers are in there day and night pounding away and the years of neglect and grime left by the previous owners.

Once the dust settles and the red carpet rolls out, this building will be the hottest spot in the entire East Side. A while back we said the opening of Boots and Bourbon was a game changer well this one is the ultimate game changer and will officially put the East Side on the radar of a much younger, more affluent demographic. New money if you will.

In a surprise move, it looks like the persistent owners of the Table 17 Restaurant Group (they own Ascari Enoteca and HiLo) have won the restaurant contract for the New Broadview Hotel. I mean, there were some heavy hitters at the table salivating at the opportunity to take over the restaurant and these local boys beat them all!

We look forward to seeing what this building becomes and are proud to be part of such an amazing community. Well done, Streetcar…well done!