Fortunately the Spring Realty mascot and official deal closer, Cody has not taken a chunk out of anyone but it’s always important to be aware of the consequences if/when something like this happens.

We seem to live in a litigious society where people are suing their own family members. So who’s on the hook if you get sued after your furry friend decides he wants to take a bite out of Aunt Thelma’s behind, or nibble on little Joey’s thigh while over for a visit? The answer is quite simple: Your home insurance provider. Only one problem; did you disclose to them that you have a dog? According to Leane Besky, our favourite StateFarm insurance agent here in Toronto, the standard home insurance application asks if you have a dog and whether it has a history of aggressive behaviour.

According to Leane: “A standard question on the application is: Do you own a dog.  If yes, has it ever bitten someone? If you answer no, but you in fact have a dog, your claim can be denied for material misrepresentation”

You’d better be truthful here so this doesn’t come back to bite you in the (pun intended) butt. So what if you acquire a dog later on? Simple, just call your insurance broker and have them update your plan. Leane says:

“Legal liability resulting from the actions of your dog are automatically covered under standard home/condo and tenant insurance packages.  There is generally no additional charge, though it may be difficult to get insurance if your dog has a history of biting or trained for attack purposes.”

Since we’re on the topic of dogs, make sure you read about Cody’s favourite off leash dog parks.

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