#CityResolve Launches Today!

I’ve been a ULI volunteer for a while now and just love all the opportunities, people, and ideas I’ve been exposed to. It’s given me great insight into the Toronto City Planning and Development activities and now I can officially say that I spend every day surrounded by people that make Toronto a better place. This is all part of our “Know Everything All Of The Time” philosophy here at Spring. There’s so much development happening in Toronto and it’s quite likely going to affect where you live. Because of our connection with ULI we know about these things and can help you like no other can.

One campaign that I’m super proud of is the #CityResolve campaign that I am working on with a crew of awesome people at ULI. It launches today so read my post on the ULI Toronto website and then tell me what your #CityResolve is. Take to the Twittersphere and shout it loud and proud. We’ve got some pretty cool prizes for the best City Resolves!