For the first time in my career as a Broker I walked out on a client today.

Got a call from an individual who wanted to see a listing of ours. Before we went to view the property we had a sit down to do a quick Buyer consultation just to make sure this property met the potential Buyers “must haves”. We met at a local coffee shop and the conversation started off quite well.

I ordered our drinks and a few minutes later they were ready. Brought them over to the table and soon realized that they had made this Buyer the wrong type of latte. She then proceeded to give a giant piece of her mind to this 20 something barista for making an easily fixable mistake. I was floored, profusely apologized to the barista, then paid for the drinks (leaving a hefty tip I might add).

Came back to the table, and quietly asked her to find another Broker to work with then left. I’ve worked very hard to surround myself and my company with positive people. No amount of money is worth dealing with that level of obnoxiousness. If she lost her mind over a cup of coffee, how would she react if I were to show her a property she didn’t like!?!?

We’d love to hear from all kinds of people but if you’re rude to service people, or just rude to people in general…lose our number por favor.