It’s all about the service, baby.

Sitting in the car dealership enjoying an espresso, watching the news on their wall mounted TV and catching up on work all while sitting in an uber comfortable service lounge with WiFi. Every now and then the sales guy I bought my car from pops by to have a chat, I make friends with the other dudes waiting for their cars all while I know my car is being taken care of by people who give a crap.

Some would argue that it’s a giant waste of money and time. They say I should just go to those quick lube places for oil changes and servicing. Well, I think that’s short-sighted. Here’s how I see it.

Let’s compare the two experiences. At the quick lube joint I drive up, drive in, get savagely up-sold by the sales guy/mechanic. Be forced to say no, no, no, no thanks just the oil please. They offer me shitty coffee, a newspaper and then I drive off. Quick, and most definitely dirty. Now how many people did I really connect with in that scenario? NONE. I was talked at, not to.

At the dealership I pull up, get my car valeted to the service area, I’m greeted by the concierge, offered a selection of quality coffees, free wifi so I can get work done while I wait, and a posh waiting area with all the amenities I could want. The best part is, I’m sitting there with a bunch of people that I immediately have something in common with: Our cars. I get to connect with Bruce, the guy who has sold me my last two cars. Why does the sales guy matter? Well, often someone will ask me how much my car costs me. When I tell them, the response is usually “Wow, how did you get that price?” Well, guess who the first guy Bruce called when an absurd deal came across his desk? Me. I got the same car I had before but for $300 less per month. Not only did I make a new connection but my loyalty to the company resulted in an insane deal that nobody else has.  I’d have to get dozens of oil changes at a quick lube joint to make up that savings.

Remember those other people sitting in the waiting room with me? We chatted about our cars of course and with some people that was it. With others the discussion was deeper. I made connections that could end up being friends, clients, or both. See, this dealership may have charged me more for a service than a quick lube joint, but they have given me so much more: An opportunity to connect with people I otherwise would have never met. After all, I am in the service industry and like to consider Spring Realty as the “dealership experience” vs. the “quick lube”. We’re not cheap, but we’re good…very good. We give to our clients, communities, and friends just as much as we get back. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? Helping each other grow?

So instead of asking you for your business right now. Comment below or contact us and tell us what you do. Maybe we can help you out.