TCHC Selling Off Remaining Inventory

Don’t know what to get your loved one this Holiday Season? Perhaps invest in one of the 6 available Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) properties available right now. There’s actually quite an interesting opportunity on Crawford St in the Trinity Bellwoods area right now with two semi’s side to side available for sale. Buy the land for $1.6 and build the dreamiest house Downtown Toronto has ever seen.

TCHC In The Beaches

This place what likely too run down for interior photos but can be yours for around $550K. No parking but a solid 20 x 120 lot would make a pretty big forever home in a great neighbourhood.


This detached gem isn’t on a huge lot being only 25 x 95′ but it’s detached in the Beaches and has potential to be a great single family home. Doesn’t offer parking so be careful if you’re planning a big flip. Beach buyers want parking so there is a price cap here on a flip. This place would be an amazing investment property with 3 or 4 units built in. You’d be taking cheques to the bank and laughing all the way there. This one excited me.


TCHC in Lawrence Park


Bet you didn’t know Young and Lawrence had Toronto Community Housing. There aren’t many there and this is one of the last available ones. With the average renovated home going for well over a million here this could be an opportunity for a renovator or for someone to build their dream home in their dream neighbourhood.

TCHC In Trinity Bellwoods

This place excites the hell out of me. You can own BOTH halves of the semi giving you one giant lot to build Downtown Toronto’s most awesome detached house here OR you can take each one and build out 3 or 4 units in each one catapulting you into Elite Landlord status. There’s a huge demand for high quality rentals in this area and we want you to be the one to provide it. The positive cashflow potential here is massive, the potential for a huge family home is massive it’s just so damn exciting. Get one for $825K and the other for $875K or both for $1.6 and do your thing.

$875K + $825K = $1,700,000

ย TCHC In Dufferin Grove

Looks like the TCHC didn’t completely screw up every single home they’ve ever owned as this one looks like it’s been somewhat maintained. Well, at least it was safe enough to take interior photos of this one anyway. This house is just asking to be restored to it original beauty.


There’s not much time to get in on the action. The TCHC supply is dwindling and these are some of best we’ve seen. We know how to navigate the City process so you NEED to reach out to us right away via our live chat, comment below, or contact us.