1. Paint: This is a simple, yet often overlooked detail. Nobody likes painting, we get that and you may not even have to. But if you’re rocking your favourite shade of orange on all of your walls or still have remnants of your teenagers rock and roll stickers on the bedroom walls we’d recommend a good old paint job. It’ll be one less thing a potential buyer will have to do and they’ll reward you for it by making a stronger offer.

2. Freshen Up Yard: In the warmer months get out there and plant some colourful plants, lay some new sod/seed, give that flower bed a funky new shape. Whatever you need to do to make people say WOW before they even walk into your home. This is your first and best chance to touch the Buyers’ emotions. Got a huge mess? Don’t worry we’ve got loads of free yard clean up bags for you. Just call and and we’ll send some over. Got a condo? Let’s jazz up that balcony with a little flora and a chill place to enjoy a coffee.

3. Clear basement & overall decluttering: Decluttering the house is a no-brainer but we often see people take all that stuff from the house and stuff it in the unfinished basement. Stop it! Rent a storage room (we’ll pay for it) for a month and get rid of all that stuff. We usually find that Sellers end up donating most of it since they don’t even need half of the items anyway. We want people to see the big open space and imagine all the great things they can do to it. Have you had any moisture down there? Having a contractor do some waterproofing (keep the receipts to show buyers) can substantially increase the value of your home and take a huge weight off the buyers’ shoulders. It’s not cheap, we know, but if you can’t water proof, don’t finish your basement until you can. Nobody wants to see your beautiful basement get slowly ruined by water penetration!

4. Fix everything: That leaky faucet, the crack in the driveway, that light bulb you’ve been meaning to replace. Do it all now. We’ll do a walk through and identify the fixables and get them done one by one.

5. Hire us πŸ˜‰ Sorry, had to say it. We’ve got a unique way of doing things (check this outΒ and this) here and we want everyone to see how we roll. We’re not traditional by any means and homeowners are slowly starting to realize. Want references, no problem. We’ll send them right over. Just contact us to get started.