Does this building look familiar? Built in the 1930’s and destroyed in 1972 this unbelievably beautiful building once stood proudly where the First Canadian Place (BMO Tower) now sits. We at Spring Realty are normally proponents of development. We generally believe that the benefit of development outweighs the short term inconveniences that go hand in hand with major construction. However, when I come across a story like this, I can’t help but hang my head in shame. Granted, the FCP Tower is nearly 3X larger and is at full capacity employing thousands of people and that is likely the only bright light in this sad story.

Overall, Toronto is doing a better job of protecting our heritage buildings but builders need to consider more than just simple Facadism (when they just keep the “face” of the building and demo the rest). The proposed development 71-95 King St originally wanted to destroy the entire block (I would have chained myself to the building in protest if that was the case) but as you can see from the development proposal, they intend to keep them and add 47 Stories above. Not a fan of the project yet but at least the heritage is being protected (or so we hope. Fingers crossed).

Do you know of any buildings that you think should be, or should have been preserved? Would love to read your comments. If you have photos, even better!

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