Our clients want multi-unit houses. Got one?

Looks like rookie Toronto Real Estate investors have grown some balls and are looking for more expensive, riskier investments. We’ve been fielding calls from our Buyer clients all year looking for properties with positive cash flow. Investing in condos is fine and dandy but there’s no cash flow. (read this: Want cash flow, don’t buy a condo) They’re safe, super easy investments that usually break even monthly but at the end of each year a tenant has helped increase your equity position. It seems as though our investors are getting bored with ‘safe’. They want to drop more cash and actually see some monthly cash flow.

 We have Buyers with cash in hand ready to buy the following:

  • Legal Duplex under $850K anywhere in Toronto
  • Legal Tri/Quad under $1.2 anywhere in Toronto
  • 10-20 unit apartment buildings under $5 million anywhere in Toronto
  • Single family house fully renovated with basement apartment under $800K
  • Commercial Properties on Queen St East, King Street East, Gerrard St between Carlaw and Greenwood. 
  • Buildable land or building Central Toronto up to $15 million.

Do you or anyone you know, have any of the above? Get in touch so we can come take a look asap. You may be surprised how much your place is worth. Keep in mind the above suggested budgets are based on certain expected income. If your property doesn’t meet income expectations, the valuation will be lower. New to the game? Take a look at our Worlds’ Greatest Investment Guide.

Written by: Ara Mamourian – Broker of Record