Hell’s Angels Leslieville Clubhouse For Sale

No wives, no murders.

Those were the only rules at the the federal government’s most interesting seized Leslieville asset: The former Hells Angels Clubhouse on Eastern Ave just east of Logan Ave. Don’t worry though, they’re still in the neighbourhood in their new store (it’s not a clubhouse!) at 98 Carlaw Ave.

We’re certain that the space is uninhabitable since laying in disrepair with various leaks, holes (bullet holes maybe?) and will be a complete tear down for the new Buyer. Actually with a 30′ x 120′ lot someone can build a pretty large home on this property but we know of at least three developers trying to assemble land around here so don’t be surprised if it ends up in the hands of a builder. I mean, look at that little building to its West. Combine those two lots and you’ve got a profitable stacked town house project waiting to happen. Weston Bakery is getting developed and we know of other applications in the works along Eastern. If you have the money, now’s the time to invest along Eastern Ave (build-able properties) and Gerrard East. Pick one.

We’re excited to get in there and have our tour. A few local Realtors have estimated its value at $700K but we feel it may fetch a bit more considering the story, location, and size. So go to your mortgage brokers and get them ready because this could be your next deal. Oh and if you’re looking for Christmas presents, their new website has loads of them for you.

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