Gerrard St East is the next big thing in Toronto’s East End with recent announcements of East Village Leslieville by George Popper and now this new mixed use development at 1430 Gerrard St East in Toronto’s Little India.

There isn’t any info in cyberspace yet so I took a drive over there to see what I could dig up. My chat with the general contractor on site was quickly cut short by an intimidating character in a nicely tailored dark suit. I’ve seen this man before in the area and found out that he is a prominent local property owner (he also owns the large building across the street that houses Dwarika Restaurant).

I was able to get some info from the contractor prior to being silenced! This old theatre, once called The Nazz Theatre ceased operation in the late 1970’s but was the main draw to the area for the Ontario South Asian Community. This historic theatre will be redeveloped keeping the existing structure and historic facade. The main level will include three retail spaces (one tenant already confirmed to be an Indian restaurant). The upper level will be loft conversion suites and 4 additional levels will be added to the top for a total of 6 stories.

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